Let me share your company at a national blogging conference!

The Type-A Mom Conference 2010, September 24th - 27th in Asheville, NC, is about the attendees having a great time, learning, connecting and getting ideas for taking their blog to the next level. It will also give me a chance to network and chat with some of the other most influential women in blogging and social media!

I am currently seeking full or partial sponsorship to attend and would love to do so thanks to YOUR COMPANY!

Having started this blog in 2008, it has come a very long way. From personal rambling to becoming a destination resource for other parents, One Big Pyle of Love continues to grow in popularity and I would love for your company to be a part of that growth. Attending Type A Mom conference would certainly be a great start!

In exchange for full or partial sponsorship I am prepared to offer you exclusive ad space, posts and more! Here are just a few of the options I am open to depending on your level of sponsorship:
  • Premium Ad space on my site up to 250x400 for an entire year, a smaller button on my personal blog, as well as an ad on my twitter background.
  • Mentions in every post about the conference on my blog.
  • Dedicated blog posts about your company and products.
  • Tweets and facebook status updates featuring your company and products.
  • I can add a mention of your company to my business cards that you will hand out at the conference.
  • Wearing of clothing or carrying tote bags branded to the sponsor’s company.
  • And More! have a suggestion? I am open to all! I am willing to make this more than worth your contribution!
  • To make it even more worth your time, Type A Mom will be creating a page on the official site with the list of all personal sponsors (Including YOU!) featuring your logo, a link to your site! Your company will be exposed to thousands of people that aren't even attending the conference! If you offer me a full sponsorship Type A Mom can even provide you information on how to buy in to the swag bags!
It would be an honor to have YOUR company sponsorship to experience Type A Mom Conference! Thank you!

If you are interested in sponsoring me, please email me at my personal email ejsmomej@gmail.com a.s.a.p! Thank you!