Poo Free Summer: Happy EST Week!

Happy EST week!
Because Huggies wipes are the thickEST wipes (vs. national brands) they are celebrating with a whole week dedicated to EST!

The Poo Free Parent Squad is all sharing some posts this week with some poo stories that we think are the silliEST, funniEST, poopiEST, craziEST, cheesiEST, and all those other EST words you can think of!

I am going to do my part by sharing our greatEST poo memory! Elijah only really had that one poo explosion I talked about 2 weeks ago, so we don't have as one of the messiEST stories, but we sure do have one of the cutEST!

From the first day Elijah came into this world we quickly identified two faces. The pee face and the poo face. They were plain as day! The pee face was a look of surprise accompanied by what we liked to call 'the pee alarm', a tiny screech of surprise. Not upset, or long, just a quick *SQUEEK* to let us know. His poo face was a bit funnier, he would scrunch it up, more one side than the other and then let out a huge sigh of relief. We would always crack up, which then caused him to crack up.

Within the first few months we would hear his 'pee alarm' go off and so we would go change him, only to bring him back in the room and see the poo face. We quickly realized Elijah didn't like to poo in a diaper he had already peed in, and as strange as it sounds, actually seemed to hold it sometimes until we got him changed.

By the time Elijah was about 8 months old he graduated from the pee alarm to the diaper grab. He would grab his diaper and look uncomfortable when he peed and babble at us, asking to be changed. Although he still waited until he was in a pee free diaper to poo, he started cuing us other ways when he had to go.

By a year he would run out of the room and towards his changing table grabbing his diaper. The only problem with that was that he sometimes alerts us before he pees. Which as you can guess can end up pretty much like that Huggies commercial with the guy trying to change the baby. You remember the one? Yeah, that one. Luckily he quickly grew out of that! But still told us when he had to go.

His poo alarm has gotten even better as the second year approaches! He still runs for the door the instant he goes yelling 'I'm POOPED!' and grabbing his diaper. Then he runs into the bathroom to change. I have to admit, it is rather nice that we've always pretty much had him tell us when he went. It's especially helpful now that we have begun potty training.

Staying poo free while potty training... is an adventure. He has peed a few drops in the big potty, but other wise he hasn't been exactly successful yet. For instance the other day he started yelling that he had to go poop. So I rushed him in the bathroom, pulled off his diaper and sat him on his potty. And we sat. And we sat. And we sat. Eventually HE gave up and tried to put his diaper back on. I just figured he didn't have to go after all. Would you believe the moment we got back to the playroom he pooped. I guess he was a little too quick to jump up. Soon as it hit him though he ran back to the potty and sat down. Diaper and all. He let out a sigh and then told me he needed a wipe. Even though he didn't technically make it we still applauded him. He tried so hard, and all his months of telling us when he went or had to go is certainly paying off.

We are so proud of our little guy for wanting to potty train, and trying himself without any prompting. If all goes well maybe we will be totally poo free by next summer!

So what are some of your favorite EST memories?
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