Rice Krispies Treats! New, with write on packaging!!!

When I was a child the best of part of lunch time was the lunches my mom packed for me. She would leave little notes on a piece of paper or on my napkin. Some of them would be words of inspiration and encouragement. Some were just to have a great day or how proud of me she was. Some were just simple I love you. No matter what she wrote, I always loved it so much and it was so appreciated. Thank you Mommy!

Kelloggs and Rice Krispy Treats are helping moms like mine everywhere brighten their children’s lunches with notes just like that. With new easy write on packaging Rice Krispies Treats Moms or Dads can use any permanent marker to create one of a kind notes. You can send a note with your children or even use it to send a special note with your spouse’s lunch! I know that would brighten my day!

I first tried to write my message with a thin tip sharpie but it wasn’t bright enough for my tastes. I then used a normal size sharpie and thought it looked much brighter and was much easier to write with. The wrapper itself is very smooth and glossy but the Rice Krispies treat itself is so bumpy it was a little difficult to write at first. I found if you hold the wrapper tight from one side and just write a little slower than normal it still looks pretty good. It may take you one or two to get the hang of it, but after that it should be fine.

We had so much fun surprising each other with notes this week. There is no limit to the messages you can write. I think it would be fun to leave a little note surprising your child of something upcoming. I could see writing a message like "Guess what? We will go for ice cream when you get out of school today." Or "Report Card Day! For every grade "B" and above you will earn $5!"

They were the same price in my local grocery store as the regular box so it doesn't cost any more either! I have already bought them again and plan on buying them from now on! Thank you so much Kelloggs for making Rice Krispies Treats more fun!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kelloggs. All opinions are that of my own.


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Yes I hope you have a FAB Day! love you ,