Have you ever texted "loudly" in your sleep? Well why not?

I just read a post over at This Is Mommyhood about her husband's sleeping habits that made me laugh and reminded me of my own sleep habits. I was younger I would have thought sleeping in separate bedrooms was some crazy thing people only do when they are no longer "in love" like they used to be. Now I'm older and realize it's what people do when they love their spouse enough to not want to divorce them for their crazy sleep habits. I personally regularly talk (in 2.5 different languages), eat (oh yes. then blame my left overs being missing on other people) and sing (everything from country to death metal) in my sleep. I have also been know to "loudly text" in my sleep... how you loudly text I have no idea. Either way it's nice to bask in the knowledge I'm not the only one with sleep craziness.


Elle said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! I love you blog and your son is precious. :)