Goal For It! Success Made Simple

Being a 2 year old is tough. Just ask Elijah. Lately he has been testing his boundaries so we have been working hard to set behavior expectations and routine schedules for him that are best for him and us. Recently I was introduced to a great site, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

GoalForIt.com makes success simple! With their Chore Chart, Behavior Charts and more, we parents can make it a little easier to track what our active 2 year old is up to, reward the positive behaviors, and discuss how to better handle the negative ones. Oh and did I mention, it's FREE!

Goal For It isn't just for children either! The site is packed full of useful resources for organizing your goals and your life, for the entire family.
  • Daily Goals Chart is the simply way to create positive habits & effective daily goals.
  • Chore Chart & Behavior Charts are the fun way to teach kids of all ages responsibility & proper behavior.
  • My Lists, Get organized the fast and easy way using our quick To Do List.
  • My Goals, Goal Tracker simplifies goal setting so you can create the action plans that achieve desired results & make success happen.
Creating my account took less than two minutes and Elijah's first chart was done in less than 5 more. It was so simple! It allows you to name the chart and customize it with the age of your child and other information. The next step is to customize the look and theme of your chart. I was so surprised how many great theme options they have. I let Elijah choose his and he loved one with space and 3 cute little aliens.

Next you choose the chores and responsibilities, behavior goals, and/or healthy habits you want to add to your child's chart. Custom tiles are also a nice option if there isn't a selection you want. You can do a combination of those or do separate charts for each area. I just did one for Elijah mostly using the behavior goals we want to work on. We did add a few responsibilities though, such as going to bed on time. Other options they offer is to change the order of the goals, change the days of the week for each individual one, and you can even add a points system onto the chart making different goals worth different amounts of points.

chore chartOnce you have your chart complete the site will save it for you to return to anytime. You can check the progress, update your goals, and if it's easier than updating every day online, they even offer a printing option! We may print ours and hang them on Elijah's door, allowing him to place a sticker before bed on each goal he met for the day. That will get him excited and active in his goals!

I really am glad we found GoalForIt.com when we did and hope it helps your family make their goal success much simpler too!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored through a partnership with BSM Media. Though I will receive a monetary payment for this post, all opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Seriously, that site is AWESOME!


Krissi H said...

I love this! There are always so many things that I want to do and I'll tell myself that I'll remember them but I get so caught up in "life" that I forget or I lose the motivation. These charts are great! The site itself is a great motivation booster! I don't know who said it but: "Those who fail to plan... plan to fail!". Thanks EJ!