Dressing your toddler on a budget

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Elijah in his Easter suit.
Even at two and a half, Elijah has a real sense of his style. He likes to pick his own clothes and will let you know what he does and doesn't like.

When Elijah was born he was 8lbs and never really 'newborn' size, he wore size 2 infant shoes within the first month and I quickly realized that every outfit I bought him looked like the one I had just taken off of him Everything was pale blue and had a puppy. It was cute but I still searched for something more interesting. His very first pair of shoes were a pair of baby Converse; high top Chuck Taylors. I wear black high top Chuck Taylors and thought it would be cute for him to match me.

The next obstacle with dressing Elijah was how quickly he grew out of things. I would spend $30 an an adorable outfit, only to find the third time I put it on him he had already grown out of it. That's when I decided I needed to come up with ways to still dress him adorable, but needed to spend about 1/4th what I was spending.

Some of Elijah's style

Elijah's style of clothing he likes is simple. Is it soft, not hard or itchy? Does it stretch and it's not too tight? Does it have something to do with Halloween on it, a spider or a monster perhaps? Does it have Batman or a superhero on it? Does it have Snoopy or another of the Peanuts gang on it? Does it look like an item of clothing mommy and/or daddy wear? If it fits any of those qualifications it's sure to be a hit with Elijah!

His style makes it easy to shop so many places and get the best deal possible. Here are some tips on how I dress Elijah on a budget while keeping with his style.

  • Shop Sales and Clearance!
    • Try not to buy clothing right as your child needs it. Because you're rushed to buy it you're more likely to pay full price. Buy at least one season and size ahead. As we are coming into spring there were some great sale and clearance winter clothes everywhere! Winter coats that were normally $50 were on sale for $2! I buy everything end of season. Coats, bathing suits and seasonal wear especially!
  • Shop Consignment Shops!
    • There are so many great finds in consignment shops. Most consignment shops are pretty picky about what they take so you should know what you are buying is in gently used condition and you should get pretty good life out of it. I shop at a local consignment store called Kid to Kid. I have bought so much there and never had a problem with anything. Most of what I bought has actually looked brand new. The great thing about most consignment shops is when your child outgrows something and it's still in good shape you can sell it back to them for store credit and purchase your child something new using the credit! No money out of pocket to completely refill your child's closet! Consignment shops are also a great place to find brand names and licensed characters for practically nothing!  
    • Join or Create a local swap group!
      • There are a few great groups on the Internet I've used to swap and I LOVE it! Check out www.thredup.com and www.swapmamas.com! I've used them both a few times and loved it!
    I hope you can use those ideas to help dress your toddler in style for less! What other ideas do you readers have to dress your toddlers in style on a budget? Share in the comments below!

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