Family Movie Night - Free Dumbo Printable!

Elijah and I have a special time together on nights I am off early. We like to call it "Momma and Elijah's Cuddle Movie Time." We have spent many many nights cuddled up in bed watching a movie and eating snacks. Of course among the first movies I introduced him to were the Disney classics I grew up with. I cherish this time with him and know that family movie nights are not only great bonding time, they can also be used as an educational experience.

On September 20th Disney is releasing a special edition of one of their greatest classics, Dumbo. Available for the first time on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download. A classic I could not wait to share with him, Dumbo not only features an adorable elephant that I knew Elijah would like, it also teaches the important message to love ourselves for who we are.

To coincide with the release of the movie, Disney is offering a limited time printable PDF activity sheet for a Dumbo family movie night.

The sheet features the following activities that are not only fun, but also help your children take the most away from the movie:
  • Family conversation starters help you to know where to begin talking to your children and getting the most out of the movie's messages. At 3, Elijah is a little too young to fully understand all the lessons but we were still able to talk about Dumbo's ears making him feel sad and different at first, instead of unique and special. I even asked Elijah to pick out a part of him that makes him unique and special. Of course being the 3 year old boy he is, he said his "dancie." Which is apparently the part of his body that makes him a really awesome dancer...
  • Elephants to color
  • Fun Facts about elephants
  • A fun thumb print activity
  • A great elephant snack idea, Circus Peanut Popcorn
Available a limited time only (through September 25th) get your free Dumbo 
Do you have Family Movie Night with your children? What's your favorite movie to watch? 
Do you discuss the movie afterwards?

I hope you enjoy the printable and can't wait to hear about your Family Movie Night experiences!

This post was sponsored by Disney. The author was compensated in return for her agreement to blog about Dumbo's 70th Anniversary release and the Family Movie Night printable. However, all opinions are honest and that of the author. We wouldn't blog about something we didn't 100% honestly support!