When I was your age... Robots, glitter fire and poop, but don't worry, no one got hurt.

Elijah: *Holding his ipod* "When I was your age I used to build electronics like these."

Me: "You haven't been our age yet."

Elijah: "Yes, when I was YOUR age."

Me to Dave: "He's apparently from future."

Elijah: "I was built by a robot silly!"

Me: *confusion... *laughter...

Elijah: "I swear, you were also in the future. You should know that silly. You were putting the machines together wrong. I told Dad, put this part here, but he didn't do it. He kept screwing it up because he put it on wrong. It broke out when I dusted it and it got snot all over it. And I was fixing it and little sparkle glitters came out. Like SSHHHRRRRUUUMMMM. They are fun to play with. But fire comes out. So you have to wash them out. We broke down a building with the glitter. Then *makes a splat sound effect* we filled up the whole pooping building with glitter fire. It was glitter and poop.  It was SO SO SO FUNNY! And it was a broken down tower. I swear to god. *laughs really hard then suddenly gets serious* No one got hurt."

*Goes back to his ipod, putting his headphones on as he walks away*

Elijah: *mutters* "Maybe they were playing this game. (referring to the ipod game vortex) I could see that."

Me: *Sitting here with an eyebrow still raised*