YUM! Iced Coffee!

I have a thing for iced coffee. It's deep. We've been in a very serious relationship a long time. So when month or so ago I saw this carton with a picture of ice and coffee go by at work and was like... "Wait!?!?!? Was that an iced coffee I have not yet experienced!?!?!?? How is this possible?!?!?!" and sure enough it was. Since then friends have been buying it and sharing it, I have been buying it and hogging the entire containers... You know it's been a good time.
"New International Delight Iced Coffee is the perfect blend of 100% premium Arabica coffee, real milk and cream with just the right sweetness. And because it comes in a resealable refrigerated carton, it's ready to drink. Just pour over ice and savor the delicious, refreshing taste again and again."

Today I'm sitting here thinking about how I'm all out of the $1/1 coupons that I had from the paper a few weeks ago and decided to see what's out there right now so we can not go bankrupt with my tasty addictions. Oh and I thought you might like to know too so you can try it. And there it was, a $2 off International Delight™ Iced Coffee coupon on Vocal Point. It's $3.98 a carton at Wal-mart so a $2/1 coupon is awesome! If you're not a Vocalpoint member sign up only takes a few minutes and then you can get in on this sweet coupon and tasty drink!

This post WAS NOT sponsored. It's 100% written only bc I actually really do love iced coffee, am a vocalpoint member, and signed up for a $2 coupon and thought you might like to know all that.