Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour Baltimore

The show was AWESOME! LOVED LOVED LOVED hearing the new album live. What I enjoyed the most though was the videos they had to go along with the show. I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it but it was definitely entertaining and creative! If you wanted to see them and missed out there are still dates on the tour for North America and they will be releasing a DVD of the concert later this year. I posted some photos from instagram last night during the show and will be uploading the rest at some point and will share the link. The ones from last night can be viewed by clicking here.

There was no opening act, which I was totally happy with! Here is the set list they played:

Set 1:
The Big Money
Force Ten
Grand Designs
The Body Electric
The Analog Kid
Where's My Thing?(w/drum solo in middle)
Far Cry

Set 2: (w/Clockwork Angels String Ensemble)
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight (w/mini drum solo in middle)
Halo Effect
(with guitar solo intro)
Seven Cities of Gold
The Garden
Manhattan Project
Drum Solo -The Percussor
Red Sector A
The Spirit of Radio (w/o the string ensemble)

Tom Sawyer
2112 Part I: Overture
2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx
2112 Part VII: Grand Finale

It was definitely a concert I would recommend!!! I had a blast and if you're a Rush fan I know you will not be disappointed!



Anonymous said...

Worst Rush set list ever...I was there. Until the last 5 songs, I was bored to tears...I've seen them twice before. Too much 80s Rush this time.