Baltimore Comic-Con 2013: Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes & The Comic Book Men

Didn't make it to Baltimore Comic-Con? Well you missed an awesome event, an Afternoon with Jay & Silent Bob!!!

Though not kid friendly, us adults had a great time! It all started with Jason Mewes Moderating a SmodCast Superpanel! It started at 1:30 and featured Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson of the award winning podcast Tell ‘em SteveDave! along with Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen of I Sell Comics! or otherwise the guys known as THE COMIC BOOK MEN!!!!!! They had a few microphone issues but it was hysterical! A girl even got to pet Bryan's beard... I know. Weird, right? Somebody has actually posted the entire panel in 6 parts though on youtube if you really wanted to check it out. You can find the first part by clicking here.

After the panel we had the screening of The Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie! We paid extra for the Super Groovy Movie ticket which gave us first priority on seating and an autographed Super Groovy Cartoon Movie poster. I don't want to give too much away but the movie was certainly funny and just that dose of Jay and Silent Bob us View Askew fans need to hold us over until we get to see them again in Clerks 3! Then we had another live appearance by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes where they did a Podcast Q&A of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. I died laughing, especially with Jason's stories and banter on Kevin. This podcast was also recorded by the same youtube user above and posted in 7 parts, the first part being here. And I will remind you. NEITHER the panel above or the podcast just linked are kid friendly. Seriously. If you know of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes I'm sure you know, but just in case you dont...

ANYWAY. It was an awesome day, despite the fact I was sick, and I LAUGHED super hard all day. :)

Here are a few photos I shared on instagram from the day.

Me with Jason Mewes via Instagram

Jason Mewes and The Comic Book Men via Instagram

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes via Instagram