Influenster Jingle VoxBox Review: Kiss Lashes, Cetaphil, Pure Ice, Itty Bittys, NYC City Proof Eyeliner, Biscoff Cookies and Ore-Ia Tater Tots!

I received the Jingle VoxBox from Influenster full of AWESOME products I couldn't wait to share with you shortly after Christmas. Sadly because of  my hard drive dying it was pushed back until now and I lost my original review photos but finally I'm able and excited to get to share it all with you!

First thing I tried in the box was the KISS True Volume Lashes Made with 100% natural hair these lashes blend so naturally and perfect with your own lashes. The lash ends are tapered creating natural looking ends that make it look like you were blessed with full beautiful lashes instead of fake made up lashes. They retail for only $3.99 but give you the same quality as expensive salon quality! To apply the True Volume Lashes I was also given the KISS Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe in Black. Now I have heard a lot of people on both sides of the clear vs black lash adhesive argument and I had never used the black before, but I have to say I really liked the black. It gave me the look of wearing a bit of eyeliner perfectly on my lash line without the work. It has no harsh smell only a slight pleasant aloe smell, dries quickly to tacky and then once applied yet lasts super strong. It also dries very lightweight and smooth and does not feel hard and rough like lash glue often does.

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Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is a rich, non-greasy, quick absorbing cream lotion perfect for even the driest skin. Fragrance free, non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn't clog your pores) and dermatologist recommended it doesn't irritate even the most sensitive driest and broken skin. I used this cream on everything from my face, hands, feet and legs and even my eczema on my arms and was amazed how smooth and soft I felt right away. My hands are usually so dry and after one application they felt so much smoother. I especially enjoy using it after a shower to help lock the moisture into my skin. The jars start at $8.99.

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Pure Ice Nail Polish is proudly made in the USA without formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. They offer an array of high pigment creams to shimmering iridescent pearls and multidimensional single coat glitters. I have TONS of their polish from Walmart already. It's only $1.97 a bottle and comes in every color, shade, tint you could want to match every outfit. My box contained the color Shore Bet which is a nice grey-beige. It looks great by itself or with a white tip for a nice mix on the french manicure. I love Pure Ice. It wears great and doesn't chip easy, which is especially great with a baby. It goes on smooth and dries fast. Most colors you only need one coat to be fully covered and bright. I love this polish!

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Hallmark Itty Bittys are the cutest things EVER! I was first introduced to them right after Ariel was born when my sister Cathi bought her the Disney Princess Ariel one and Elijah the Spiderman. They are so adorable I just can't get enough. We have gotten a few more since then and each one is more precious than the last. They are super detailed and high quality. Each one has beans in the bottom and filling throughout making them super soft to snuggle or fun to 'stand up' and use during play time. The kids absolutely love Itty Bittys! Ariel snatched up this Olaf the minute I opened the box and plays with him daily ever since! New characters are coming out every day and they are super affordable starting at $6.95. They are available at Hallmark Gold Crown stores and

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NYC City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner I just can't say enough great things about this eyeliner. It went on SUPER smooth and the line was thick and bold. I was able to get a super straight line for perfect eye definition and highlighting and yet easily blend it to get a great smokey eye look. It stayed on perfect through a 16 hour workday inside and outside. I tried the black but I really want to try other colors now, especially their blue. At $3.99 each this is expensive results for drug store prices! I love this eyeliner and cant wait to try more.

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Biscoff Cookies are well known by everyone and with good reason. They are perfect crunchy flavorful cookie that goes great with your coffee or tea. These cookies are delicious and a great addition to your daily break. I really enjoyed these cookies and think you will too. The small packs start at $2.99

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Ore-Ida Tater Tots, especially the crowns, are a staple in our house. We love them and eat them all the time! Nice and crispy outside and delicious inside they are the best side dish to accompany all sorts of meals from burgers to grilled chicken breasts. They're made with real potatoes so they contain protein, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C and other nutrients making them a healthy option for your whole family. They are even gluten free! They are delicious food you can feel good sharing with your family and only $3.99 a bag!

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These were all such great products and I really enjoyed this box. I hope you like some of these products as well and make sure to connect with the brands for even more great products, tips and reviews. Which products from this box are your favorites? Let me know in the comments or feel free to connect with me on social media! All my links to connect are on the top right of the web version of this page. Thanks for reading!

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for sharing my unbiased and honest thoughts with you!