Lootcrate February 2016 Dead Theme #WalkingDead #DeadPool

Elijah and I were really happy to unbox our Lootcrate for this February 2016. It's a Dead theme combining two awesome things, Deadpool and Walking Dead.

Now Elijah's too young to fully appreciate Deadpool because I won't let him see the comics, video games or Movie for Deadpool for obvious reasons, but he still thinks he's cool. As for Walking Dead though he is allowed to watch certain pre-screened by me episodes and read some comics as well as play a few of the games. He's really into Zombies so he thinks its the coolest. The first thing he did was open the Rick figure and put him together! He thinks Daryl's walker ear soap-on-a-rope is the most awesome invention! lol

They did a great job with this crate!

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