Review: New Makeup from Covergirl

As I mentioned yesterday I had gotten quite a few things to share with you but my hard drive died in the midst of the first reviews I did for you. One of the things I've been dying to share is the awesome new products from COVERGIRL I have been wearing!

I got to be one of the first, thanks to Influenster, to try NEW COVERGIRL Plumpify Mascara by BlastPRO, truNAKED Shadow Pallettes and Colorlicious Oh Sugar! lip balm!
  • COVERGIRL Plumpify Mascara by blastPRO has a unique brush with a mix of conical bristles and fins that grip, lift, load and comb your lashes for 50 times more volume. I have really long lashes but they are super light colored and because of the length they tend to be flatter naturally. I loved this how this mascara went on with ease and coated my lashes perfectly. There was a tip from Hollywood's celebrity makeup artist, Julianne Kaye and she said "Make sure to start at the base of the lash to get the full lift, then "shimmy" your way up from root to tip. For a more lifted and bright eyed look, direct and shimmy the wand upwards and inwards towards your nose instead of pulling outwards towards the outer corners of the eyes." This tip worked perfectly for me and made my lashes look long, full and awesome!!! It also stayed on and kept my lashes looking great through an entire workday both in and outside of the stadium and even stayed put during running from car to inside during the rain and yet washed off easily with my eye makeup remover. This will definitely be my new go to mascara! 
  • COVERGIRL Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Is an indulgent lip balm made with grape seed oil, avocado butter and Vitamins C and E. It feels great on your lips at the same time as adding a little color. It's just the right amount of tint to look natural and enhance your smile! I thought it was great! It went on smooth and looked great!

  • COVERGIRL truNAKED Shadow Palette includes 8 colors from nude to smokey that are intensely-pigmented and super easy to blend. I LOVE to wear just enough makeup to smooth and highlight. This eye shadow pallete is definitely a winner to me with exactly the colors that make my eyes pop without being heavy. Even without any shadow primer at all the colors went on weightless and smooth but perfectly pigmented. Often you see as shadow, love it, and then even with primer once you apply its so muted and can hardly tell you even put it on. Not with this! It went on exactly how it looked in the pallete yet blended smooth and flawless. And I love the shimmer of Champagne and Rose Gold. If I could only buy one shadow the rest of my life this would be it. The last 3 are a little darker than I usually wear, but they work well to blend along my lash line on days I want my eyes to look a little more dark. 

I am so excited to have been able to participate in this campaign and get to try these and find such great new products to share with you! Have you tried any of them? What are you favorite Covergirl products? Let me know! And don't forget to connect with Covergirl!

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Disclosure: I received these Covergirl Makeup products complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for sharing my unbiased and honest thoughts with you!