It's hard to be confident as a woman, #HushHushpanties can help!

Us women go through a lot of changes in our bodies through out the years. From childbirth or even just natural aging we go through stretching and pushing of our bodies inside and out. Muscle changes, skin changes, metabolism changes, we go through it all. One of the worst things we face either through child rearing or age is Urinary incontinence. Almost every single woman on earth can relate to the feeling of needing to sneeze but terrified what that sneeze could mean for her weakened or damaged pelvic muscles.

The first time I experienced this I was 24 years old and about 6 months pregnant with Elijah and he kicked just right into my bladder that there was no stopping it, luckily I was home but I took off for the bathroom. When I went back to the living room I looked at my Grandmother and said "I can't believe it, I just peed myself when he kicked! I've never done that before" and she said "Oh don't worry, that will be happening the rest of your life now, even when he doesn't kick." I laughed it off because I didn't realize just how true that was and thought she was just being funny.

Some women are blessed and are able to have really good control... good for them. Haha. Because as it turns out most women are not that lucky. We wear pads 24/7, we take 'preventative pees' before we feel we need to go or before we go out or leave any building really, we run towards the closest bathroom as soon as we feel a sneeze or a cough coming on, working out requires extra prep to make sure that yoga pose doesn't come with an extra surprise, and mapping out the nearest bathrooms makes us look like professional navigators. We might not pee a lot, honestly sometimes it's only a few drips before we regain muscle control, but those drips, leaks and surprises feel like full rivers to us, like someone opened the flood gates, and it's anxiety inducing. We start in our preteens with menstrual leaks and this fear that someone is going to find out one of our bodily fluids is where it is not supposed to be. I think we all heard the stories of the girl in middle school who was wearing white pants. And then we age only to find we now have to worry about peeing ourselves AND bleeding through our pants. That's a lot of daily worry.

If I thought I was the only woman this happens to obviously I would not be able to speak so candidly about it, but I'm not the only woman going through this. You're not the only woman going through this. It happens to women of all ages, of all races, of all social status, no matter where you live, or what color pants you wear. At some point every single woman in the world is going to have a leak, whether it be pee or just a period slip.

The creator of Hush Hush Panties knows the struggle we face and the serious need for everyday protection and convenience when it comes to our leaks. They have a wonderful selection of confidence panties that come in 3 colors, white, tan and black and don't look any different than your favorite comfortable pair of briefs. The secret is an innovative design with subtle absorbent layer built right in to the panties themselves, perfect for giving you the extra boost of confidence catching those occasional bladder leaks, menstrual leaks, or even moisture from working out!

The first thing I thought when I opened these panties was how normal they looked. Anytime anyone talks about incontinence products the first thing you think of is big bulky pads or depends. I was super surprised to see not only did they not look like that, they looked exactly like my normal briefs. The crotch has a thicker material, where it's the absorbent layer, but it's hardly even noticeable. Once I put them on I was amazed how smooth they felt, they run a bit big in sizing then I thought they would and hugged my body perfectly making them even better than my normal briefs. I immediately thought about how nice these would go under my dress slacks and was very happy to see they were perfectly seamless, not a single underwear line showing, and unlike pads or depends absolutely no bulge whatsoever. They fit great around the legs, the elastic not too tight, but tight enough I knew they would not be baggy and risk leakage down the inside of your thigh. Now I'm happy to report in my time so far with them I have had zero leaks, but that made it a little hard to test the absorbency so I did the old pad commercial trick and filled up a measuring cup to the 3 ounces it is designed to hold up to. I slowly added the first ounce and was surprised after I poured it almost all had absorbed right away leaving the panties still feeling dry on both sides. I then tried the two remaining ounces. To my surprise you could see and feel the water absorbing right into the panties. Not a single drop leaked through to the outside. The inside remained slightly damp for a few moments as it fully absorbed, but really I cant imagine most women are going to walk around with that much liquid all the time before they go and clean up anyway. I think if you have leaking worse than that you would probably wear a pad over it anyway but I have no doubt, the amount lost in a sneeze, giggle or cough would have no problem absorbing. I am really happy with the function of these panties and have no doubt that they would do their job allowing me to feel more confident and secure while I'm out and I think you would enjoyed them too.

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Disclosure: I was provided the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. No monetary compensation was received.