Review: Simple Ring Works Flexible Silicone Wedding Band

I love jewelry, especially rings. Back in the late 90's I wore at least 6 rings at all times, sometimes multiples on the same finger just to add more. As the years went by and my chronic health conditions got worse the rings got less and less and less until I was left with only one at a time, and only occasionally. About 3 years ago that ring became the one given to me by my fiance, but I wanted to wear it all the time, not just some. A gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond heart shaped ring very reminiscent of the ring Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask) gives Usagi (Sailor Moon) in the Sailor Moon Stars Season 5 Episode #173. Needless to say I'm very attached to the ring he got me... but there's only one problem. With my RA and fibro wearing my ring for the last two years has gotten harder and harder and often times really really really hurts. My fingers swell leaving the ring often stuck, leaving me in even more pain. Obviously he only wants whats best for me so he's suggested not wearing it or wearing it on my necklace but I really just want to wear it. I like showing that I'm happily taken. I loved showing off my ring.

When he bought my ring I didn't think it was fair only I got a beautiful new ring to show off and he didn't get anything to show for his dedication to our future so I also got him a really nice Tungsten ring. It boasted it's indestructibility so of course I was sold. Only one problem with him wearing it, He works in a job that's very hands on, and a ring could be potentially dangerous if it was to get stuck in a piece of equipment. Not to mention while getting his hands dirty doing his job the likelihood of him loosing the ring is super high.

I finally had just admitted defeat the last 6 months. I gave up ever considering that one day we would both have rings on again at the same time. I just figured with my swelling and pain a ring just wasn't in the cards for me ever again and with his work it just was not safe for him to wear one. I rather safe than sorry any day. Then I was introduced to a company that actually sparked a little hope to wear a ring again and I was so excited.
Simple Ring Works creates amazing safe, durable, comfortable silicon rings. Tough, waterproof, and made of medical grade hypoallergenic silicone, Simple Ring Works rings are designed to bend and flex, perfect for people like me with medical conditions that give them fingers that swell on and off when ever they please and designed to break away at 40 pounds of pressure, leaving it super safe for my fiance to wear even at work around the machines. Since it's made of silicone it's even electrically non-conductive so even an electrician could wear it to work and be totally safe! These rings are worn to work by Firemen, Military, Mechanics, Policemen and factory workers all over the USA!

The design is comfortable as can be, even when my fingers are swollen, just a simple dome design. It comfortably slid up my finger, not too tight that it squeezes but not too loose that it can fall off. The best part is the come in all kinds of designs and colors. I chose the 5mm Flexible Silicone Wedding Band in Audacious Purple! I was ecstatic to be able to at least choose my favorite color to wear if I had to change rings.

I am happy with the sizing, though it does feel like the sizing is a big more snug than I expected. The good thing is with their easy exchange policy you can quickly and easily exchange your size. I could always exchange it for a bigger size. And they also offer a 100% lifetime free safety replacement warranty. If the ring is ever damaged, even during high performance wear, and the breakage protects your finger from damage the way it is designed, all you have to do is reach out to them and they will provide you a free replacement ring. How awesome is that?

Short version:
I never thought I would be able to wear a ring full time again but so far with this one I've had no problems at all. It bends, squishes and flexes with my swelling and reducing of my fingers, it easily comes off even on my worst swelling days. The colors and styles it comes in are fantastic. The best part, even with my chronic health I can still show off that I am happily taken and with my fiance's job he can do the same with no fear or pain or injury from our rings. I am super satisfied and highly recommend Simple Ring Works! 

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Disclosure: I was provided the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. No monetary compensation was received.