Use public restrooms? Then you need to read this! #PottyCover

When I started potty training Elijah one of my biggest struggles was him having to go in public restrooms. Soon as someone mentioned the bathroom, going to the bathroom, running water, or he saw anything that reminded him of the bathroom he immediately needed to go. Mostly just to check out the facilities, but you had to take him right away because you never know if he was serious or not. I didn't mind taking him over and over and over except for the GERMS! Everybody can relate to that. You walk in a public bathroom and it feels like they are coming at you from all sides and the first thing you do is pull your child close and shriek "Don't touch anything!!!" Especially with a potty training child this is super difficult.

How many parents have attempted to hover their potty training child over a toilet for fear of them touching it? Those flimsy paper seat covers are never enough (or there isn't any, all the toilet paper in the world can't cover the parts you just know your children are about to touch. What about the sides where they need to hold on for balance? What about the front of the toilet where inevitably they are going to touch with their legs, pants, and underwear?

Ariel is now fast approaching the toilet training age and once again I'm going to be facing this public bathroom issue which quiet honestly had me scared, until I found a new product and the answer to our potty training prayers, PottyCover.

Potty Cover is an individually wrapped and easy to carry disposable toilet seat cover that fully covers seat, the sides where you would need to touch and the front of the toilet. Made of non-woven fabric coated with a layer of plastic, it keeps anything wet on the seat or other parts of the toilet from coming through and ever touching your child or person using the cover.

Even though each one is packaged so small you will be amazed at how large each one really is when you open it up. You can immediately feel the quality in the product, and the waterproof barrier. It's simple to open up and place on the toilet. I doesn't have tape or anything but it's large it enough it automatically should go right into place covering all the parts of the toilet that need covered. 

I tried mine at home first and was pleasantly surprised to see it almost covers the front of the toilet down to the floor. Even as an adult I am always careful to pull my pants and underwear forward when using public restrooms to be sure it wont touch the front of the toilet. With this you never have to worry about that, just place it and go. It also goes well beyond what you would need down the sides for a child to hold balance. 

I also sprayed some water on the seat and replaced the cover to test it's waterproofing and couldn't feel a drop! Even when I left some water puddled! So it certainly does it's job. They are not flush-able but easily balled up to dispose of in the trash when you're done.

I REALLY wish I had these when I was pregnant and it was harder to use a public restroom. I could see it being really helpful for anyone with a handicapped or elderly as well. I could also see it being completely awesome for porta-potties!  I am now not worried a bit about public bathrooms when it comes to potty training Ariel. These are the best products I've seen on the market, largest, and best quality, when it comes to toilet covers. I highly recommend them and so does Elijah!

The best part? A pack of PottyCover sells for only $5.99 and it is available on Amazon!

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Disclosure: I was given this product complimentary in exchange for sharing my 100% honest opinions with you.