Review: GoPro Accessories Bundle Kit #ActionCameraKit #GoPro

What I love: GoPro Action Accessories Bundle Kit by Action Camera Kit is awesome! It works with all GoPro or generic brand models of the same design. It comes with 31 pieces and a bonus 8 GB mini SD card with SD adapter. We used out GoPro Hero 4 for this review and were very pleasantly surprised how much we liked this kit. Elijah is very interested in making videos for YouTube and recording adventures we go on together and that he does with his boy scout troop. The biggest issue is finding ways to help him safely (for him and the camera) record what he's doing. With this kit I have no worries about him dropping the camera or falling/hurting himself trying to hold a camera while involved in an activity. 

This is a great starter kit for under $50 you get well over a $200 value. All accessories attached easily and I had no problem figuring out how to use each piece. The material is all very durable and strong feeling. This is a fantastic accessory kit and I am looking forward to summer to use it even more for our adventures! These are some of the accessories included with the bundle and my notes about each:
  • Shockproof Zipper Case - durable case that easily holds all the parts. It comes with a foam divider but I found that took up more space than it was worth and just resorted the parts into the bags them came in and put that in the case. 
  • Floating Grip and Wrist Strap - Attaches directly onto the camera case. Tested in the sink it did float with no issues, Will definitely be useful during fishing and beach trips!
  • Bicycle and Mount - Attaches one end directly to case, the other can be used on any small cylindrical objects. Bikes, light fixtures and more. Very strong feeling with multiple configuration options to ensure you get the angle you want.. 
  • Side Mount - Attaches one end directly to camera case and the other you could use to connect to things like a helmet, car or any surface you need a 3 way adjustable position. Comes with a curved and flat mount to help it really fit any surface you choose.
  • 1/4th" Mount - Attaches to the camera case on one side, the other has the threaded hole for any 1.4th" accessory. 
  • Flexible Tripod - Attaches with the 1/4th" mount. About a foot tall can be used standing on a surface or the jointed every part can be used to make a stand virtually anywhere. Wrapped around poles, One of my favorite pieces of this kit because it's so versatile. 
  • Selfie Stick - Attaches with the 1/4th" mount. Nice durable design, doesn't bend with the weight of the camera. Not a Bluetooth or remote selfie stick, just for use as a monopod for the camera to make great selfie footage. 
  • Vertical and Flat Quickclips - one sides attaches directly to camera case, allowing you to quickly clip into peripherals such as the chest harness or adhesive mounts within seconds.
  • Adhesive Mounts - 4 plastic mounts, 2 flat and 2 curved, with durable and strong 3M adhesive so you can attach your camera to anything you want. Very strong!
  • Suction Mount - Super strong large suction cup is great for cars, boats, motorcycles and allows for really great tilt control using the adjustable arm. Works great if using your GoPro as a dash cam.
  • Wrist Strap - Great velcro wrist strap with plastic mount that attaches right to your camera case. It features a 360 rotating mount that can be locked to stay in place. 
  • Chest Harness  - Certainly the coolest part. It's perfect for giving the viewer a real POV experience while you are filming. It's very strong materials, feels durable and had no problem adjusting small enough for Elijah to wear (boys clothing size 10) or large enough for me (women's clothing size 16 or men's 38) with plenty of room to spare. 
  • Head Strap - fully adjustable to fit all sizes. It feels fine directly over you head or worn over your helmet. The elastic is super strong and had no problem stretching to fit multiple size heads and over hats and helmets. 
  • Anti-Fog Inserts - go in the camera case to prevent fogging in cold and humid environments. These are super helpful! Even in a steamy bathroom the camera stayed clear!
  • Locking Plug - Helps lock your camera to the mount. Just put the ring side between the thumb screw and the mount and the plug side into the bottom of the harness to even more prevent accidental drops!
  • Wrench - Used to tighten the thumb screw even harder than finger tight so you know it's even more secure during your most exciting filming.
  • Camera Tether - is another safety accessory you can attach to your wrist or other objects to make sure your camera stays where you want it!
  • 8GB MicroSD Card - Works perfect to hold hours of footage from your camera. It's nice to have more than one so you can switch them out and keep recording more! 
Please check out my unboxing video below to see what the kit looks like and how it works, piece by piece!

Ideas for Improvement: The wrist strap while is very sturdy velcro is very hard material and a little big for even my average adult wrist so it barely held for Elijah. I would like to see the strap more adjustable to smaller sizes and maybe be a bit softer. To solve this I was able to use a velcro watch strap with the mount on it instead. 

Bottom Line: I really love it and give it 5 out of 5 stars. 

Would I recommend it to my family and friends? YES!
Would I buy it myself based on my experiences with this review? YES!

Disclosure: I was provided the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. No monetary compensation was received.