Love it! 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Wristband & MP3 Music Player #review #spywatch

I really love and use the Weefun 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Wristband and MP3 Music Player all the time so when I saw that they had came out with a new and improved Digital Voice Recorder Watch I could not wait to try it out. If you are looking for a way to record audio on the go, covertly or not, and/or listen to MP3s while also being able to easily check the time then the Weefun 8GB Digital Voice Recorder andMP3 Music Player Watch is the device you have been looking for.

I am always enjoying listening to music on the go and thinking of things I need to do later and recording little audio bites. Sure, you can do these things on your phone but then you have to keep it out and it wears down your battery and is not exactly easy to do while you want to do other things at the same time, like take a phone call and listen to music, so this device makes it easy and convenient to both record and listen to audio. I love it so far! I also wear a watch daily, but with this I can still tell the time and record. I know a lot of people don't wear watches anymore these days and only rely on their phones. This is way more convenient, especially for time management, to be able to to just glance at your watch and see the time.

It comes in a nice black box made of a strong cardboard with a magnetic closure which is great for gift giving or even storing between uses. I love that it has such a nice display and looks so appealing from the moment you open the box. Inside you will find the watch, the USB charging cable (which is proprietary to the device), earbuds, and the manual. The device is made of plastic, rubber, and metal. The screen on the front is a nice size and brightness to see in the light or dark. To secure it has your normal pin and hole closure of a watch. The rubber is very comfortable and I had no problem comfortably wearing it all day.

Using this is super simple.
The first thing you will want to do is plug it into the computer to charge. It will come with a charge but it's always good to start with it fully charged. Charging takes a little over 1 hour but lasts a super long time. In tests I have used it so far well over 12 hours and it's still strong. I will update this when I have a better idea of how long it really lasts. It's a built-in lithium battery and doesn't get hot at all during charge or use.

The second thing you will want to do is set the device time and language and other settings. After plugging in earphones so you are in playback mode, hold the "+" and "-" at the same time until the system settings appears. In the system settings use the "+" and "-" to navigate and "M" to select. First set the time, then the language, and then you can look and set settings like Turn on timing recording to start recording at the appointed time automatically. Set up days of starting recording for the continuous appointed time, set up time duration of recording at the appointed time, Turn on or off voice control to start recording when it hears noise and stops recording during silence. Change recording type from 32Kbps which is lowest quality but longest recording size to 384Kbps which is highest quality but shortest size because of such larger files.You can even set a password and delete files. I had no trouble with figuring out the settings once I fooled around with them a bit.

Once you have it hooked to the computer you will notice the drive pop up like any external media drive. It will have multiple folders, one for music, one for audio you record and one called "SETTIME" that's really important and allows you to sync the device time to you unit so things you record have a timestamp of when they were recorded which will help you immensely if you are planning on using this device to record meetings for dictation. You can delete the factory sample songs and audio out and add your own. The supported music format types are MP3, WMA and WAV files. Audio output is WAV format. It records at 192kbps and it is much clearer and quality than I expected. In fact it sounds WAY BETTER then the microphone quality of recording with my cell phone, an LG Volt. 8 gigs also holds a lot of audio, whether it's your voice recordings or just mp3s. I tried this on a Windows 10, Windows 7 and a Mac and it worked perfectly on all of them. If it is not working as a plug and play device I recommend you update the chipset drivers on your USB, especially if your processor is intel. just google intel usb chipset drivers to see the download link from their official site. After you update your drivers it should load like a flash drive and you instantly be able to pull files on and off. If this is not the case if you leave a comment below with what it's doing maybe I can help you trouble shoot as to why.

For recording, make sure the headphones are disconnected and then slide the switch on the left side to on. The screen will illuminate and You will see it blink red once and then blue and then red 3 times again rapidly and then a star image will appear on the screen and finally it will come up with the file information and time counter. That's how you know it's recording. The top right is the battery indicator, the top left is the file number and total file count. Under that is the file name and then the time count. It will keep track of the recording length and display this information again when you turn it off. Now it will automatically flip to the clock display and keep recording continuously, you do not have to press anything else. After a few seconds the face will dim completely. If you want to bring the clock back up you just hit the top right "M" button, if you want to see the recording information you just hit the "+" or "-" which are on the bottom right. When you are done recording just flip the switch to off and you will see it display the recording information and then the light flash red again before saying BYE on the screen and then go off signaling it's the end of the recording. The recording quality is so much higher than I expected. I recently visited a concert and was shocked to hear the difference between the watch and my phone (LG Volt). I started recording both at the same time. With the phone the audio is barely understandable over the background noise and vibration from the bass and speakers. It's not something that you can even listen to. With the watch set to 192 kbps the audio is way clearer, the noise reduction worked wonders to not pick up the people talking around me, but to focus on the music. I was super impressed. The vocals are clear and the sound only has slight issues with vibration and bass, but considering we were in an outdoor amphitheater and it's a very loud rock band I can't believe the quality. For just normal talking audio I wore it to a work meeting and was surprised to hear it recorded perfectly clear and quality. I can't get over it!

For playback just plug in the earbuds it comes with (which are really nice quality and coated to help prevent tangling) or any 3.5 mm jack headphones of your choice or a small speaker. Flip the switch to on. The light will come on red and then change to blue and start flashing then playback will start immediately. It will start in MP3 mode but if you hit the "M" button it will change to Audio recordings so you can listen to them. You will notice the track number and total number of tracks at the top left and track name and the timecode in the center. Fast forward and rewinding is super simple, simply press and hold the "+" or "-" to go forward and back. To adjust the volume hold the "M" button until the volume display comes up on the screen then use the "+" and "-" to raise and lower the volume. The playback for audio is clear with no loss or skipping.

Overall I am super happy with this Voice Recorder Watch and highly recommend it to everyone! I do not know how I lived without it! Especially at work. I am also looking forward to my son being able to use it for school. SO often he has a project and is given the instructions but forgets before he even leaves the room what the teacher said, with this he will never forget. I also can wear it to the doctors to record what she says during the children's visits to share with family that couldn't be there. No more forgetting what was said! The cool thing about this is that nobody even knows you are recording. It looks exactly like a digital watch and during tests my family was shocked to hear it was actually a voice recorder and mp3 player and not just a watch. I can see this being a hit Christmas gift this coming holiday. It's perfect for children, teens, adults young and old. It's great for recording and reminding yourself of things. It's even great for recording bits from your loved ones to play during the day. Imagine filling it with recordings from you and your children for your spouse in the military! They could listen instantly and carry the sounds of their children with them everywhere. The uses are truly endless. I highly recommend it!

Bottom Line:
I really love it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.
Would I recommend it to my family and friends? YES!
Would I buy it myself based on my experiences with this review? YES!

Disclosure: I was provided the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. No monetary compensation was received.