Review: Prextex RC Police Car with lights and siren #toys #review #video

Elijah's almost 8 and he has had a few RC cars but they are always the fairly cheap ones that do not have great handling or speed and are horrible on batteries, so I was really excited to get one that was a nicer model; as soon as I saw this police car I was sold. The Prextex RC Police Car with lights and siren is a great price point at just over $20, but it functions like a hundred dollar RC car. 

It comes in really great packaging of cardboard and clear plastic and looks great for gift giving. Opening is super simple, which is a huge plus for parents that hate to fumble with packaging. There are only 3 plastic screws to pull the car out and one plastic strap over the controller, which makes it very easy to open. It uses 6 AA Batteries, 4 in the car and 2 in the controller, that are not included. 

Controlling the car is a breeze; the left joystick controls forward and back and the right joystick controls left and right. The top triggers are speed boost and the brakes. The center button is how you start the car, honk the horn and hold to start the siren. The car has a lot of power, much more than expected. It handles small bumps with no issues at all and controls and handles great, even on carpet! Outside on the pavement it goes great and the speed is fantastic! "It's faster than I thought it would be." said my brother who is in his late 20's when he tried it out. It handles awesome even on the bumps on the sidewalk. My 12 year old Niece said "it's cool" and really enjoyed driving it even though I thought she would be too old to enjoy it. The horn, siren, and sound effects are awesome and realistic! They are very loud though so be prepared, this is not a toy when you want quiet time. It makes driving noises, brake noises, and other car sounds as well, all which sound really cool. Outside the sound effects were loud and clear as well helping the experience to be even more fun. 

We drove it for hours both inside and out and so far the batteries are just as strong as they were new. I think what really makes me enjoy this purchase the most is that the car is so quality and detailed looking and then the controls and handling are so great, and the speed is so fast, that the ENTIRE FAMILY wanted in on this! All the way from Ariel, whos almost 2 year old, up to my Grandmother in her 70s. We all had fun driving it around and seeing what it could do. I highly recommend this car and know any family will be pleased with it!

Bottom Line:
I really love it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.
Would I recommend it to my family and friends? YES!
Would I buy it myself based on my experiences with this review? YES! 

Disclosure: I was provided the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. No monetary compensation was received.