Review: Exfolimate #Beauty #ClearSkin #Review

I am OCD about showering and being clean. I especially hate dead skin build up that leaves you feeling dirty and covered with a film. I work for a sports management and event security company so I spend a lot of my time working outside, even if we are just standing around during a sporting event you end up sweaty and gross and needing a good shower and exfoliation. I used to use one of the big hard loofahs but it was doing nothing so I often use a puffy bath sponge but it still doesn't really exfoliate. I also use a exfoliating body wash. When I first saw the Exfolimate I was skeptical of how well it was going to work but once I used it I absolutely love it.

It comes folded up real small, but when you open it up it's essentially and really long scarf like piece of material that is 33 inches long and 10 inches wide. It's long enough that you can comfortably wash your own back, shoulders and butt. It's rough but not hard, in fact the cloth itself is pretty soft. Rubbing it on your skin feels great, you can feel it wiping away the dead layers of skin but it's gentle enough that you don't feel like you are being cut up. It works perfect to wash your entire body, open for the hard to reach places and then you can scrunch it up or fold it for the other areas.

I have loved this so far and think it's done a great job. I used it on both legs the other day before shaving and after I exfoliated, I shaved and then exfoliated again, got out as soon as I dried my legs I was amazed to see they look almost as good as they did when I was a teenager. Removing all that dead skin allowed my legs to shine and look healthier than they have in years.

You can hang it to dry after daily use and I have had no problems throwing it weekly in the washer with my towels to get it clean and then I pull it out before the dryer and hang it to dry. What's really great is the Exfolimate is about the same price as your average loofah and puffy sponges so it's a great value and you're not spending more to get better results!

Bottom Line:
I really love it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.
Would I recommend it to my family and friends? YES!
Would I buy it myself based on my experiences with this review? YES!

Disclosure: I was provided the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. No monetary compensation was received.