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With me having auto-immune disorders and Elijah having asthma, air quality is a huge deal for us. HEPA filters can clear the air of all kinds of dangerous pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke and almost all other pollutants present in the air. Air purifiers work to clean the air around us by removing microns of 0.3 and larger size to render it 99.9 percent dust free. Purifiers free the air of all kinds of particles causing allergies and breathing trouble so this is a must-have for households like ours. 

Winix purifiers are made for all sorts of rooms in your house, living room, bedrooms, nurseries and more! I had been looking into purchasing a new one and was super excited to hear Winix is going to be here with me at the Mom's Meet WOW Summit and I will finally get to see the brand new Winix Smart Wi-Fi enabled 4 and 5 stage air purifiers in person tomorrow.

Made for the home, the new HR1000 and the NK105 models both feature Wi-Fi, which allows you to control every aspect oft the purifiers right from your device. Smart sensors allow you to continuously monitor air quality, and an air quality indicator alerts you to the status of the air quality. Set and forget fan speed that adjusts to your environment and even a filter change notification is available on the unit to keep you informed about your air quality! Each Winx unit features a True HEPA filter for removing allergens and bacteria once and for all. I don't know about you, but that sounds like the simplest way to ensure my family is breathing healthy! I can't wait to see their purifiers tomorrow and how much more they could help my household to breathe easy!

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Disclosure: This post is an entry through Moms Meet to win a Winix Air Purifier.  No monetary compensation was received.