Easy Scrapbooking: Scrap your event program! Example using Kotoricon 2017 Program

When I am talking to people who want to scrapbook but don't their biggest reasons why are usually time and money. Since I have been doing this forever I have found so many creative ways that take under an hour and basically follow the "use what you have" mantra to quickly capture your time at an event. Today I am going to show you a quick and easy event scrapbook made using the actual events program.

In January Mike and I went to New Jersey for a little anime convention we had never been to, Kotoricon. KotoriCon, the "little anime con with a big heart" is hosted by the Japanese Anime Guild at Rowan College at Gloucester County. We had a blast and highly recommend it. It was small, but packed full of all the wonderful things we look for in a good anime convention. Wonderful voice actor guests with no lines for free autographs and selfies, informative and fun panels as well as tons of great artists and vendors in the dealers room. The parking was free and the registration was very affordable making this a great 'day trip' con that will not break the bank.

One of my favorite parts of going to the anime conventions is that we get to meet the voice actors and get autographs and photos, the problem is we go to so many I needed to come up with a creative and fast way to showcase a quick overview of what we did there before I forget all the fun little details. The best way I have found is using the events programs!

For Kotoricon I was thrilled to see their program is just perfect for this! Good quality and good sized I knew right away that it would be perfect inside of one of my Smashbook pockets so I sat down with some supplies and got to work. Supplies used for this scrapbook:

The first thing I did was the pocket. I used a glue stick and attached a large Project Life card to the front and then went around the border with some washi, adding some stripes to the corners. Then I added two stickers from one of my Happy Planner sticker books and wrote a little intro of what the event is. 

Next I took my project life cards and a piece of paper and made a small envelope to hold them and covered it with matching washi. I didn't do a lot of journaling, just basic bits and pieces. Since I am using the program itself I didn't feel the need to document who we met and what we did, since it can be found inside!

 I loved how simple it all was yet how cute. It really came together fast, under a half hour up to this point. The only thing left to do was the photos! I went through and chose our favorite photos, especially a good one of each of us with each guest and some of them autographing our stuff. I also added in some photos of our travel and the snow and of course of our sushi lunch! I did some very basic editing for color and then hit print on the folder so that it would bring up the options to arrange all the photos on one sheet for printing. I chose to print them all on 2 pages of photo paper using the "9 Wallets" layout, with fit to frame so they were all uniform sized and small enough to fit into the program. I then cut them out leaving a small white edge around each. I attached each one using only a single piece of washi at the top, allowing the photos to be flipped up to see the information below them.

That's it! Simple scrapbook using the event program in under an hour with minimal supplies! I hope this inspires you to make some simple scrap events of your own! If you do, share them with me by tagging me on twitter or instagram at @erinjeany! Happy Scrapping!