New Adorable Beauty and the Beast Build-A-Bear!

I have been super excited to see with the new live action Beauty and the Beast how much new and adorable merchandise has been released! These new Build-A-Bear characters are definitely one of my favorite things so far!

Belle and Beast bears both are super adorable and detailed. The foot pads are special designs with the Beauty and the Beast logo on one and a special image to represent the character on the other. The collection also includes two different Belle dresses, her heels, a Beast ballroom outfit, and even the enchanted rose!

I can't wait to take Ariel to get her a Belle!

While you're waiting for the new movie you can also buy the original on Amazon Instant Video right now for only $14.99!

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Roku users: Watch Superbowl 51 FREE on Sunday!

If you have a Roku streaming device instead of cable and are bummed about missing out getting to watch the Super Bowl you are in luck! Tomorrow, Sunday, February 5th, you can stream Super Bowl 51 for FREE in real time! The FOX Sports Go channel typically needs a TV provider log-in, but tomorrow only the channel will be unlocked for you to enjoy the big game!!!

Streamers in the FOX Sports GO channel will have live FREE access to:
  • The pre-game show featuring the NFL on FOX crew starting at 2pm ET until kick off
  • The FIELD PASS stream to check out the sights and sounds in the stadium (you’ll feel like you’re on the field in Houston for warm ups!)
  • The highly anticipated game between the Patriots and Falcons starting at 6:30pm ET
  • The entertaining Halftime show with Lady Gaga!!!
  • The can’t-miss commercials

Easy Scrapbooking: Scrap your event program! Example using Kotoricon 2017 Program

When I am talking to people who want to scrapbook but don't their biggest reasons why are usually time and money. Since I have been doing this forever I have found so many creative ways that take under an hour and basically follow the "use what you have" mantra to quickly capture your time at an event. Today I am going to show you a quick and easy event scrapbook made using the actual events program.

In January Mike and I went to New Jersey for a little anime convention we had never been to, Kotoricon. KotoriCon, the "little anime con with a big heart" is hosted by the Japanese Anime Guild at Rowan College at Gloucester County. We had a blast and highly recommend it. It was small, but packed full of all the wonderful things we look for in a good anime convention. Wonderful voice actor guests with no lines for free autographs and selfies, informative and fun panels as well as tons of great artists and vendors in the dealers room. The parking was free and the registration was very affordable making this a great 'day trip' con that will not break the bank.

One of my favorite parts of going to the anime conventions is that we get to meet the voice actors and get autographs and photos, the problem is we go to so many I needed to come up with a creative and fast way to showcase a quick overview of what we did there before I forget all the fun little details. The best way I have found is using the events programs!

For Kotoricon I was thrilled to see their program is just perfect for this! Good quality and good sized I knew right away that it would be perfect inside of one of my Smashbook pockets so I sat down with some supplies and got to work. Supplies used for this scrapbook:

The first thing I did was the pocket. I used a glue stick and attached a large Project Life card to the front and then went around the border with some washi, adding some stripes to the corners. Then I added two stickers from one of my Happy Planner sticker books and wrote a little intro of what the event is. 

Next I took my project life cards and a piece of paper and made a small envelope to hold them and covered it with matching washi. I didn't do a lot of journaling, just basic bits and pieces. Since I am using the program itself I didn't feel the need to document who we met and what we did, since it can be found inside!

 I loved how simple it all was yet how cute. It really came together fast, under a half hour up to this point. The only thing left to do was the photos! I went through and chose our favorite photos, especially a good one of each of us with each guest and some of them autographing our stuff. I also added in some photos of our travel and the snow and of course of our sushi lunch! I did some very basic editing for color and then hit print on the folder so that it would bring up the options to arrange all the photos on one sheet for printing. I chose to print them all on 2 pages of photo paper using the "9 Wallets" layout, with fit to frame so they were all uniform sized and small enough to fit into the program. I then cut them out leaving a small white edge around each. I attached each one using only a single piece of washi at the top, allowing the photos to be flipped up to see the information below them.

That's it! Simple scrapbook using the event program in under an hour with minimal supplies! I hope this inspires you to make some simple scrap events of your own! If you do, share them with me by tagging me on twitter or instagram at @erinjeany! Happy Scrapping!

My 2017 Happy Planner Overview/ Weekly Spread/ Planner Clips #planner

Hello there and Happy 2017!!! 

I've been keeping paper planners, compositions book journals and scrapbooks since the early 90s so even though this seems like the newest fad for most people it's something that has been old news to me for a long time. But since the online planner community is growing so large the last couple years I thought it was a good idea to start sharing mine on my blog as well!

My 2017 setup is a Mambi (Me and My Big Ideas) Create 365: The Big Happy Planner in Rainbow Foil. One of my best friends, Meredith, saw the design the day it came out and just knew it would be the one I wanted. Originally I wasn't completely sold on it being a horizontal layout, but eventually I wanted the design more than the layout. I bought the box kit from Michaels using a 50% off one item coupon back in November so I was able to get it for twenty- something dollars. You can also buy Happy Planners on Amazon and Hobby Lobby, as well as other various stores but I find the sales at Michaels and the coupons usually work out to be a better price. If you put the Michael's App on your phone and sign up for a rewards account (both which are free) you will get special coupons all the time such as 50% off any regularly priced item or 20% off your entire purchase, helping you to save tons of money

So back to the planner. Happy planner are disc ring planners so they are not compatible with 3 or 6 hole punch accessories. They are compatible though with the Staples Arc product line. The big happy planner is 11 disks and pages are full size, which is great for what I am using it for this year. In previous years I have kept my journaling and planning seperate, using two smaller A5 or personal sized planners/comp books, but this year with the horizontal layout I decided to combine both into one, so I am using my monthly layouts more for planning and my weekly layouts more for journaling and memories. This is going to mean my planner is a little more crowded but overall I think I will be much happier (and organized) with this double use planner.

So the first thing I did was a little bit of customization adding some cute keychains to the top disc using some ribbon I love. I could not be happier with my little fuzzy ball fox and that is definitely my favorite now! 
A photo posted by Erin Mcallister (@erinjeany) on

I also have a cute vinyl Tsum Tsum stack and a adorable Hallmark felt Ariel ornament, both that I found at Target. Then I added my name using adorable purple bling glitter alphas. 
I had bought this really awesome set of 48 gel pens earlier in the year so I am excited to use them with it. I also am seriously excited to use tons of my K&CompanySmash accessories. I have some left over from previous Smashbooks, but I also have a ton I was able to pickup during a Birthday shopping haul at Tuesday Morning where they had the supplies from .49 to 2.99. That was amazing! 

Each month starts with a little monthly fill in sheet and I decided to use mine a little different, keeping track of not only what my current interests are, but also both children. I kind of just quickly filled it out but next month I will come up with a better way to arrange it. I also need to put in my fitness goal info so I can track that monthly. I think reorganizing this page so I can use it to keep track of monthly info better will be really helpful using this as my planner and journal together. 

So far before the pen I have a Tsum Tsum theme for January's Monthly Layout and decided to use the left sidebar this month for my shows. I will definitely use it for something else in later months or even possibly cover over it this month, but I haven't decided for what yet and the white space was bothering me. I used packaging from tsum stuff I had bought, official tsum stickers that came with a Tsum stationery pack from Target's $1 spot, and Victoria Thatcher's Tsum Tsum kit

My weekly layout this week uses a combination of CDB Planner Prints New Years 2017 Gold Kit and Victoria Thatcher's Gratitude kit. I love the gold and pink together and thought the start of the new year was a great time to stop and think of all I have and everything to be grateful for. I will journal each day with a little of what I did and what the kids are up to. If we attend an event or something exciting I want to share, I will either add a scrapbook layout page into my planner or I will create a new scrapbook for the year. I haven't decided. 

I also have been busy making planner clips for myself and that I will be listing on my Etsy Shop this week. 

Here's just a few of the adorable K&CompanySmash accessories I have started to use on my planner for this year! How cute are they! I also have a really adorable unicorn slider I will be adding this week! 

So far I like this year's planner and look forward to sharing more about it. Stop back in weekly to see my newest layouts. Follow me on instagram for daily updates @erinjeany and don't forget to subscribe to my blog via RSS or Email to keep up with all my posts! 

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#MusicMonday : OneRepublic - I lived

I thought this was the perfect song to start off the new year. If you haven't heard it, I have included the lyrics below.

I hope you are blessed and take the time to really LIVE in 2017! I hope you do it all!- Erin

Hope when you take that jump
You don't feel the fall
Hope when the water rises
You built a wall
Hope when the crowd screams out
It's screaming your name
Hope if everybody runs
You choose to stay
Hope that you fall in love
And it hurts so bad
The only way you can know
You give it all you have
And I hope that you don't suffer
But take the pain...

Hope when the moment comes
You'll say
I...I did it all
I...I did it all
I owned every second that this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived

Hope that you spend your days
But they all add up
And when that sun goes down
Hope you raise your cup
Oh, oh
I wish that I could witness
All your joy and all your pain

But until my moment comes
I'll say
I...I did it all
I...I did it all
I owned every second that this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived
Oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
With every broken bone
I swear I lived
With every broken bone
I swear I
I...I did it all
I...I did it all

I owned every second that this world could give
I saw so many places
The things that I did
Yeah, with every broken bone
I swear I lived
Oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
I swear I lived
Oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

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Demo and Review: MorphPen 3D Printing Pen #trymorphpen

3D printing pens have become all the rage lately, and with good reason. They are fun, educational and finally are affordable for your average households. I have looked forward to getting one and trying it out so I was thrilled when I was able to play with one of the best starter pens on the market, the MorphPen.

Before you think you have no use for a 3D Printing Pen, think again. They have way more uses than you realize.
  • Build models and prototypes
  • Enhance 2D artwork with color and texture
  • Create jewelry and accessories
  • Make clothing
  • Create plastic parts and accessories for dolls or toys
  • Make magnets
  • Add a real-life dimension to learning
  • Encourage your creativity
  • Help your children look at art in a whole new way

They are just as fun for me as an adult as they are for my 8 year old son. Once the plastic hardens back it makes a super sturdy, durable creation! I didn't expect that! The MorphPen comes in a nice, sturdy, box with a magnetic closure. It's really handy because everything can be packed back up and stored away right in the box it comes in. 

It comes with everything you need to get started:
  • MorphPen
  • Manual
  • Power Supply
  • USB cord
  • Tools
  • Extra Nozzle
  • 5 ABS filaments in red, orange, yellow, green and blue 
The manual is very easy to read and broken down to understand every part of care, maintenance and use of your pen. I recommend fully reading the manual before you even plug in your MorphPen. 

Use is also very easy to understand. It does take a few moments to get it loaded at first, but once you know what you are doing it is a smooth process to load and unload the pen with new filaments. The speed adjustment is very useful for helping you control the pen. The longer you use it the more you will get used to what speed works best for you and your designs. This would make the perfect gift for older children and teenagers on your christmas list. I highly recommend it!

Bonus! After you buy you can get a FREE stencil book with over 50 templates!

Bottom Line: I really like it and give it 4 out of 5 stars. 
Would I recommend it to my family and friends? YES!
Would I buy it myself based on my experiences with this review? YES!

Check it out on MorphPen's Website!

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45 Retailers Closed on Thanksgiving Day #shopping #blackfriday

For the last couple years Thanksgiving Day has become more and more about shopping early and less and less about time with family. Last year stores boasted sales that began earlier than 4pm on Thanksgiving Day, forcing even more shoppers that want to get a good deal to end festivities with their families early and the employees of these locations to give up having any time with family at all. For years working retail I missed Thanksgiving with Elijah and I hate the thought that other people have to miss their children and families just so others can get a good deal on blurays. This year quite many stores have begun saying enough and are closing completely on Thanksgiving Day.

Here are 45 retailers that have announced so far they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day:
A.C. Moore
Academy Sports
American Girl
Barnes & Noble
Bed Bath & Beyond
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Blains Farm & Fleet
Christmas Tree Shops
Christopher and Banks
Crate & Barrel
Fred Meyers
Game Stop
Guitar Center
Half Price Books
Hobby Lobby
Home Depot
Home Goods
Jo-Ann Fabrics & Craft Stores
Neiman Marcus
Nordstrom Rack
Office Depot & OfficeMax
P.C.Richard & Son
Pier 1 Imports
Raymour & Flannigan
Sam’s Club
Sierra Trading Post
The Container Store

Starbucks Share Event is back! FREE drinks! #free #starbucks

November 10-14th, 2-5pm visit your local participating Starbucks, buy one drink and get one of equal or lesser value FREE! 

See the Official Facebook Event Page: 

or visit to find your nearest location

Review: Police Thin Blue Line US Flag by YardExpert #policeflag #youshouldhavelikedthepost

What I love: We are huge supporter of the Police. We have quite a few officers in our family and friends so showing our support is always very important to us! The Police Thin Blue Line US Flag by YardExpert is a great way for anyone to show their support of our brothers and sisters in blue! 

Made of durable polyester, with quality stitching, this flag is great for use decorating indoors or in semi-covered places outdoors (not for use during high winds or strong natural elements). This flag comes ready to hang with metal grommets already attached giving you more options than just normal hang from a flagpole. This makes a beautiful wall hanging, especially at it's large 5 by 3 feet. It comes folded up so you will have to hang it for a while to let the fold wrinkles fall out.

I love how this flag looks displayed and know it will be great to use for years to come!

Bottom Line: 
I really love it and give it 5 out of 5 stars. 
Would I recommend it to my family and friends? YES! 
Would I buy it myself based on my experiences with this review? YES!

Disclosure: I was provided the product complimentary for testing purposes in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion. No monetary compensation was received.