Upcoming Event: Happy Mealtime Event at BabiesRUs #BRUHappyMealtime

Saturday April 25th at 2p.m. at participating Babies R Us, a baby mealtime event!

Learn about feeding your baby, signs of readiness at different ages and stages, giveaways, raffles, fun games and activities!

Get excited  from April 20-24, follow @BabiesRUs on Twitter every day.
Share mealtime advice using #BRUHappyMealtime and be automatically entered for a chance to win prizes!

For more information see the event page on their site: http://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=4346704

Disclosure: This post is NOT sponsored nor does it contain affiliate links. Just sharing to share. :)

Music Monday: St. Patrick's Day History Song

Happy Music Monday, St Patrick's Day Edition!

With tomorrow being St. Patrick's Day I thought you all might enjoy this song that teaches the history of the holiday!

And if you want to know more about it you can check out the History Channel's great St. Patrick Day page! http://www.history.com/topics/st-patricks-day

I especially love the St. Patrick's Day by the numbers Infographic http://www.history.com/topics/st-patricks-day/history-of-st-patricks-day/interactives/st-patricks-day-by-the-numbers

Joke Break: Ernie and Bert

This joke break is brought to you by Sesame Street's own Ernie and Bert. I couldn't resist. lol

Toy Tuesday: Lego, Mega Bloks, Playmobil, Disney and Nintendo- Our Top 5 Favorite Brands!

So as you have probably noticed posts are appearing here again... haha. It's about time, right? With that I am excited to be working on a whole new site design as well as you've probably noticed a new name! But what's even better is I will be introducing lots of great new weekly posts and content for you dear readers to enjoy such as this one.... Toy Tuesday. *YAY*  {{Everybody Cheer}}

Every Tuesday I will be sharing with you a new toy our family is playing around with. As a lot of you know I used to write a toy column for the examiner. I only stopped due to just not having enough hours in the day to keep up everything I was doing at the time and BOY do I miss it. Looking back I probably should have given up something else and kept that but oh well, can't go back now. But all that aside, I LOOOVVEEE to talk about toys. I love to play with toys. I LOVE TOYS. So I am super excited to have this weekly feature.

Since this is the first week and I couldn't decide what to start off with I will just share a little about our top 5 toy Brands in our house right now!

  1. LEGO: Anything and EVERYTHING LEGO! *sings* Everything is awesome!!! Anybody else walk around singing that song all day every day and then have to turn the movie on even if the kids are in bed? Yes? Please tell me I'm not the only one... 
  2. Mega Bloks: I've heard people say 'Oh, well they are just another brand of LEGO.' Can I please set the record straight? NO! JUST NO! They are a brand all their own with completely different products and worlds. And our family takes pride in knowing and loving them for what they are. Not just 'another brand of LEGO' I mean have you seen the Hello Kitty sets?!?!! So cute!!!
  3. Playmobil: Seriously. Those sets are the coolest thing since sliced bread. There are sets for everything imaginable with the coolest, most detailed pieces. Elijah got a HUGE dragon set for Christmas and I can't wait to feature it. 
  4. Disney: My daughter's name is Ariel. That alone should speak for itself. We can never get enough Disney products. From dolls, baby toys, and plush to the most amazing and awesome playsets. Disney never gets old. Everything I own could be Disney and I would be completely fine with that.
  5. Nintendo: With Amiibo's blowing up and selling out and becoming the hottest item ever Nintendo is a top brand on everybody's mind these days. Of course since I was a kid and the original NES came out I have been a Nintendo Fangirl. So it's only natural we are a Nintendo Fan-mily. We have almost every console and handheld Nintendo has ever released and play our 3DS's like we need them to survive. But it's AWESOME. 
So there you have it. 5 of our Top Favorite Toy Brands!!! I can't wait to show you so many great things we love from these brands and tons more! Fisher-Price's Little People, Little Tikes's Lalaloopsy, Playmate's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Oh I'm so excited to share! :D

Disclaimer. NO this post is not sponsored by any of those brands. It's 100% honest to goodness what we love. Yes, those are amazon affiliate links. So if you buy super awesome toys through those links a percentage of the sale (a few cents) goes to buying my kids more super awesome toys too.  Win Win. :)

Music Monday- Sia: Elastic Heart

Music Monday- Sia: Elastic Heart

I love this song! I heard it first in Hunger Games Catching Fire and it immediately was my new favorite! Sia is so talented, having written songs for years for big stars like Rihanna's Diamonds and David Guetta's Titanium. Definitely worth checking out! 

OH! And as my DH Mike pointed out, YES that is Shia LeBeouf from Transformers in the video. He's grown up... lol

Disclaimer. Yes, that amazon link is an affiliate link. So if you buy the song or album through that link a percentage of the sale goes to buying my kids stuff. You get the song, I get a few cents towards kid stuff. Win Win. :)