Spa Time Baby

I got to check out a CozyCare Cape today and I have to say, I love it! The first thing I noticed when it arrived was how professional Spa Time Baby's shipping and packaging is. I have the great pleasure of networking with Debra, one of the company's founders and I just wanted to give her proper credit for how professional her product is!

But what you want to hear is about the cape! This is a brilliant idea, moms! The cape features a waterproof backing and a cozy terry outer to protect you from getting soaked during bath time and allow you to dry baby without struggling with a towel. I love the style of the CozyCare Cape as well.

A CozyCare Cape, CozyCare Cap, and an adorable rubber duckie came elegantly presented in an organza bag. My first thought was how fabulous this would be as a baby shower present - pretty and practical!

The CozyCare Cape starts at 38.95 and you can have it personalized with baby's name if you want!