Sunday's Notable Newness - 3/29/09

Hello all! Hope you had an awesome week! There has been lots going on this week and hopefully this week will be full of even more fun!

Elijah did some new things this week that were really cool so first of all I want to share them!
  • Said his first "K" babble sound.
  • Dave made a mouth fart sound at Elijah on Thursday and Elijah looked at Dave, pursed his lips and did it right back! Now hes making them constantly!
  • Elijah now opens his mouth WIDE for the spoon when he eats his rice cereal. He chews, he swallows. Very little dribbles out. Mmm Mmm Can be heard as he eats. hehe. I will getting him some stage 1 fruits & veggies when I go to the store tomorrow. He needs the plastic wipe off bibs, possibly with the little crumb catching pockets on the bottom. His cloth bibs are not going to work well with the new eating habits and he doesnt have many to begin with. Bibs, Bibs, and more Bibs have been added to Elijah's wishpot list.
  • I went through Elijah's clothes again after he was too big for a few of his 6 month sleepers. I had not realized either, but he has out grown almost EVERY pair of socks he owns except 4. He is now in size 4 shoes and 9 or 12 month socks. He is wearing 6 and 9 month clothes, depending on the cut (nothing is the same size. I have 6 month pants that are bigger than the 9 month) I did realize he is outgrowing anything with feet much faster since he is so tall and has such big feet. We need to try to avoid things with feet and just get him some socks and a new pair of slippers.
  • One of my BFF's, Krissi, showed up with another one of my BFF's Matt & a really awesome highchair for Elijah that her and her mom bought him. Matt put it together for him and Elijah couldn't have been happier! He can now sit up to the breakfast bar counter in between Mommy & Daddy and that makes him happier than ever. He thinks its so neat to sit up high, play with his toys, and eat his cereal. and Oh my gosh is it easier on our backs! Thank you Krissi & Dottie! And Thank you Matty for putting it together! Krissi also brought Eli some awesome clothes and shoes. BABY DC's! Now Elijah has another pair of shoes that match Mommy's! She also bought him a awesome shirt that says just how special his daddy is! AAAaawww. I will be sure to take pictures soon! I can't wait until Elijah can play with Krissi's son Austin, Matt's son Christian and my bestest bff Bob's son Robby. It will be so cool that they will grow up together like we did. Now if they can stay out of trouble together....
  • Have you checked out my Ballas Hough Band CD Review yet? You know the Dancing with the Stars winners Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are amazing dancers, now hear their singing debut full of fun pop/dance songs and lyrics written by the duo.
Interwebs Newness
  • Did you like the book, Where the Wild Things Are, as a child? That was a huge favorite of many children I knew, including my cousin Amber. Dave loves the artwork and was thrilled when they announced a few years ago they were going to use a screenplay written by Maurice Sendak, the books author, to make it into a live action movie. After a much anticipated wait, October 16th, 2009 Where the Wild Things Are will be in theaters. Watch the trailer here.
  • is a fairly new site that features the coolest, latest and greatest Twitter tool and applications! You can even subscribe through email or rss to recieve the latest updates! And make sure to follow @twi5 and its creater @NischalShetty and tweet him how much you love his site!
  • Do you use Gmail? Even though I usually use Thunderbird for my gmail, occasionally I send straight from Gmail, and occassionally I hit send and then it dawns on me I forgot something or wrote something stupid, or, well you get the idea. Well thanks to Chaos Tech Blog pointing out that GMail now has an 'Undo Send' I no longer have to fear the too fast finger fiascos. Check out his post here and learn of this wonderful feature for yourself.

  • If you liked those strips, make sure to visit Unshelved! And Follow Co-creators Bill Barnes @billba and Gene Ambaum @ambaum on twitter and tell them how much you love their comic!
  • Oh and if you want to see more comics every sunday that have been hand picked as awesome, make sure to visit The Joe Review for Sunday Comics! Tweet Joe @thejoereview and tell him I send you and that his blog is totally awesome while youre reading! This F-Minus one made Dave & I both laugh pretty hard:

Freebies & Deals
  • Juicy Juice is giving a free sippy cup here for signing up to joing
  • SoHo Design's store has a Boutique Baby 10pcs Crib Bedding Sets on sale from $199.99 for $30 to $60!!! Thats a great deal If I had the money I would definitely take advantage of that sale myself and get Elijah a second set for his room! They have awesome fire trucks and an army camo print that Eli would love among their many choices!

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Alicia @ said...

AWWW...thats so cute about Elijah liking to eat up high with you!! I am so looking forward to the days of when Cayden will respond back to us!!

Oh. I gotta he sleeping through the night yet??

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